A volunteer group service of general harmonization in a simple dwelling of São Bento Abade and the support to the House of Reception of Saint Joseph, in Carmo da Cachoeira, marked the beginning of the Missionary Practice that is taking place from January 22 thru 29, organized by the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, and executed by the missionaries.

The activities began on Monday, 23, right after the opening ceremony that occurred the day before in the House of Mary Rose of Peace, the feminine missionary headquarters of the Fraternidade.

The participants in the current Practice split into two groups: 21 people (18 women and 3 men), went to São Bento Abade, a locality with 4.500 inhabitants concentrated in an urban area of only 4 square kilometers. The village is 24 km from Carmo da Cachoeira (town of the headquarters of the Fraternidade), in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The second group, with 12 members, accompanied those attended by the House of Reception of Saint Joseph in the tasks of maintenance of the place.

The little home of São Bento Abade where the group service of harmonization took place is inhabited by a lady and her four children, ages from 7 thru 16. Neglect, helplessness and misery reigned in the place, suffocating dreams, aspirations and any will to overcome.

In this environment, the volunteers tried to awaken a little beauty and love for life, cleaning and organizing spaces, renewing colors and creating beds for the cultivation of flowers and greens. Distributed in two fronts of work, one dedicated itself to painting the living-room walls and one of the small rooms, while the other concentrated on the back yard, from where it removed organic residues, plastic and weeds, and built a floor around the little house, to reduce the mud around it.

By coincidence, the garbage truck went ahead this morning completing the task. The last minutes were dedicated to thanking God for the opportunity of service. The group on mission, together with the dwellers of the house and some neighbors that joined in this moment, offered spiritual songs and prayers.

The Missionaries Practices are opportunities that the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, offers to all of those interested in serving those most in need. They are held every month, during one week. In this period, the volunteers learn about group and missionary life, developing a program of services in nursing homes, kennels, center of recovery for alcohol and drug-addicts, places in need and in the Houses of Saint Joseph of Humanitarian Help.

This time, 33 people participate, coming from several cities of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, with ages that range from 20 to 70. For the fulfilling of its objectives, the groups always have the participation of consecrated missionaries.

For additional information and enrollment, please consult the secretary of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, from Monday thru Friday, from 8 a.m. thru 6 p.m.
Tel:  +55 (35) 3225-1233