Missionaries do Volunteer group service in hostel for venezuelans in Colombia

Missão Colômbia emTunja

The Venezuelan immigrants who walk into Colombia completely depend on the solidarity of other people and on the support of social organizations for the supply of basic needs.

Humanitarian response is fundamental for the men, women, children and elderly people to have minimal conditions to face a dangerous and uncertain journey along hundreds of miles.

In Tunja, a Colombian city along the migratory route of the Venezuelans, between 70 and 120 people stop daily by the Espiritu Santo Hostel (Holy Spirit). The shelter offers a space for spending the night, food and a shower.

When the FIHM missionaries passed by the place, they carried out a great volunteer group service of tidying and organization the place in collaboration with the service done by the volunteers of the hostel.

Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) carries out different tasks to support the Venezuelans in Colombia. Besides working directly with walkers in the distribution of clothes, food and bandaging wounds, the missionaries carry out joint actions with other humanitarian agencies and social organizations.