From tax issues to projects with refugees in Roraima, ADVentures Law and the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) consolidate their partnership.

Dr. Matheus PuppeThe lawyer Matheus Puppe came into contact with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI) in 2018, when Friar Luciano attended a meeting with the Councilors of the CNJ – National Council of Justice, at the invitation of Judge Dr. Therezinha Cazerta, concerning the Observatório Nacional de Questões Ambientais (National Observatory on Environmental Questions), in which Dr. Matheus was present, and they entered into contact through an initial conversation. A rapid exchange of emails and messages began a friendship that has lasted until today and led to an important institutional partnership in the field of Law.

A doctoral student with a focus on Compliance at the Faculty of Law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Dr. Matheus carries out his professional activities between Germany and Brazil, working in various areas of the Law, including Business Law and International Law, in addition to collaborating with the Faculty of Law of the New University of Portugal in a research work in the area of Compliance, the NOVA Compliance Lab.

“The first official meeting took place at the beginning of 2019, when I went to an event in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, where I was able to get a close look at the whole project developed by the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI), its affiliates, the Figueira Light-Community, in that region. This just increased our friendship and closeness,” remembers the lawyer.

It does not stop there. Several projects were developed jointly by the two parties. ADVentures Law, a legal services platform in which Matheus is a founding partner, shares part of its history with the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI).

ADVentures LawADVentures Law was created by a multidisciplinary training team, made up of specialists in Law, Administration, Accounting, and Organizational Mediation. Altogether, the four partners have more than 20 years’ experience in Corporate Law and Business Management in Brazil, Germany and Portugal.

Their backgrounds and experiences are distinct and complementary. But their dreams converge towards the same objective: to bring law into the 21st Century. The company’s objective is to position law in a new era, making it more accessible and agile for the people who benefit from it, with the potential to create a more simple, functional, attractive, easy to use and more efficient law firm.

As they have already felt the pain of potential users of the platform – freelance lawyers, law firms, in-house lawyers from already consolidated companies and of startups that need more flexible legal practices – the four understood that the forms of hiring and providing legal services in the traditional way often hamper future businesses and do not help the economy function as it should.

And so, to turn their dreams into reality, they conceived ADVentures Law, a pioneering LegalTech designed to reformulate the provision of legal services in Brazil. The company is an intersection of three areas – Law, Technology, and Administration -, and was born to bring the best solutions for everyone who can use them.

The first client to enjoy the services offered by ADVentures Law was the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI). They were offered qualified professionals to take care of the most diverse demands, from research to gathering evidence for a process, through tax law, and even in their project with the refugees in Roraima.

In addition, through the work developed at the New University of Lisbon, the team, guided by Dr. Matheus together with a multidisciplinary team of volunteer missionaries of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI), is updating the Compliance procedures of the governance of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI), which contributes to the search for constant improvement undertaken by the institution.

On a trip to Portugal, Matheus and his wife, Amanda Tornovsky, architect and co-founder of ADVentures Law, had the opportunity for further deepening the bonds of friendship established, during a visit to another of the affiliates of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI), the Flor de Lys Light-Community, in the city of Fatima.