On Monday, May 28, a sharing by José Trigueirinho will be retransmitted via internet with the title “Doubts of these times #4”. The transmission will be made at the website of the Community-of-Light of Figueira, beginning at 8 p.m. (Time of Brasilia). It will have free access, and will have simultaneous translation into English.

In this sharing, Trigueirinho touches on the following topics: Feminine Aspects of Creation: Mary and Thaykhumah; Chastity, celibacy, sexual energy and purity of intentions; the Return of Christ; Passage through Purgatory; Cosmic Races.

Trigueirinho also answers questions of the public about the following topics: Professional life and the path of the soul; to live according to the will of the soul; how to overcome melancholy; Valerian and depression; Love as the best medicine; and Dream with cobwebs.

Other items included are: Doubts about the decision of placing one’s parents in a Home for the Elderly; How to pray correctly for the dead; Leaving the physical body; Monadic reprogramming; Change of the magnetic poles of the Earth; When will the transition of the Planet be; and Work with symbols.

This sharing is part of the new cycle of monthly public lectures by Trigueirinho, which began in November 2017, which consists in the retransmission of studies recorded throughout five years. Thus, the spiritual philosopher offers the opportunity of again listening to his reflections about current issues and of deepening in this way the contact with this precious spiritual instruction, in these times of great planetary challenges.

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