“The law of Cycles conducts human beings to the consciousness of
Eternity, for it brings them the understanding of the simultaneity of life”.

The Christ of Good House, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and affiliated with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, held an event  on November 30 for closing of  the year of 2017 activities. The festive event, permeated with music and harmony, had the participation of approximately 70 people of the community, as well as 20 collaborators.

Those assisted, most of them homeless, took a shower, shared a delicious lunch, sang and also prayed in an atmosphere of much fraternity and joy. The dessert was one of the most special moments, as there was the offering of ice cream and cake. The women also received a kit of bed linen and domestic utensils, and the men received a kit with a backpack and personal hygiene products. The kits with donations were assembled by volunteers of the House the week prior.

Message of Peace

During the event, the participants recorded a message of peace and hope, which will be utilized together with recordings from other groups, as a Christmas message requested by The Virgin Mary.

The musical group “Um em Harmony” (One in Harmony) sang songs, filling the environment with musical notes that uplifted the heart of all. The group “Gratidão” (Gratitude), which works with the creative energy of the visitors of the House, was also present. Integrating the artistic composition of the fraternization, the actresses Ângela Câmara and Flávia Fafiães enacted a play with a very suggestive name: “The Last possible Revolution”.

The Christ of Good House

The Christ of Good House will interrupt their activities and resume at the end of January 2018. The house conducts several activities, involvingthe attendance of many people of the community. This year, for example, about 4,500 meals were offered. The events are permeated with music, fraternal talks, prayers andspiritual readings. All of these activities seek  to meet the needs of the moment, of the here and now.

“The response of joy and harmony that we had during this year was the confirmation for us to continue the work and also keep this unity and fraternity among us, so that we can share this with the people that approach the House”, said Bia Vergara, the coordinator of the Christ House.

Activities in January

The Christ of Good House invites all to accompany the agenda and resume the works together right at the beginning of 2018.

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