Egypt Mission

The 21st Humanitarian Mission of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI) has ended. It took place from June 14 to 23, in the city of Cairo, Egypt. It had the objective of bringing impulses of peace and love to the Middle-East and to the African Continent.

Egypt Mission rendered services both in a Home for the Elderly rescued from the streets and in a nursery for children of trash recyclers, located in a Christian neighborhood of the Egyptian capital. Both places are kept by the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

The humanitarian assistance was carried out by a team of seven missionaries of Fraternidade: five Brazilian and two Portuguese, members of the Network-of-Light of Europe.

In the Home for the Elderly, a five-story building located in the neighborhood of As Subra, the missionaries helped with different tasks. These included the basic care of the internees (separated in masculine and feminine wings), with nursery cares that several of them need, with the preparation and distribution of meals, as well as with maintenance tasks of the facilities (cleaning of rooms, painting of beds, plumbing, etc.). They also participated in the moments of fraternization and entertainment offered during the week.

The group of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, also had the opportunity of interacting in several occasions with Egyptian volunteers who use to come to the place to help the Sisters of Charity.

In the nursery for needy children, located in Mokattam, a marginalized neighborhood of Cairo, the missionaries attended 43 babies, aged from 2 months to 3 years. All missionaries were dads and moms for one day. First it was the turn of the female group, and on the following day, the male group.

Egypt Mission was part of the Campaign for Peace, which was promoted by Association Mary. It complemented the Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe.