Wednesday, November 23

Volunteer group service in the parish of Our Lady Immaculate, in the city of Boa Vista, for the refugees from Venezuela.

During the whole day, the missionaries transported the refugees to receive assistance in the Parish. There were altogether 27 dental services and 12 medical services.

Missionaries verify that the refugee children spend the day alone in the place known as the Fair of the “Passarão”, while their parents are in town selling some product or begging for alms. During the day, the children ask for food in the place, to feed themselves. It was decided that a small group of missionaries will spend the day with these children in this place.

During the night, a part of the group of missionaries collaborated in the distribution of food done by another group in the Fair of the “Passarão”.

“We are building a relationship of trust with these refugee brothers and sisters. Each day this relationship deepens. We will help other groups that assist the refugees, pass the codes of group life that we have as Communities-of-Light, so that this may facilitate the interaction of these groups with the refugees”, explained the missionary Clara.