Friday, January 27

Meeting in the morning with the whole group in the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant. Information was passed about matters of health of the people and of the hygiene of the place.

Volunteer group service of cleansing around the CRI with the participation of everyone.

Pregnant Indigenous women went for the first time to the health center to make a prenatal examination, accompanied by two nuns of the Grace Mercy Order. They received assistance and vitamins supplements, and appointed consultations and examinations.

Indigenous people participate in Portuguese classes.

Children make an abc in Warao, Spanish and Portuguese.

Team of State Health surveillance of Roraima was in the CRI to make an inspection in the place about the issue of health.

“In spite of our continuous effort to keep the order and cleanliness, failures in the sewage (cesspool without lid), in the water and in the toilets”, said Clara, a missionary of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

In the afternoon, a representative of the CAER (Water and Sewage Company of Roraima went to the CRI, to see the needs of the place. It was said that starting on Monday, workers will begin repairs in the sewage system of the CRI.

The team of a Health Center, composed by a nurse in charge of the sector of tuberculosis and health agents, visited the CRI. The team made the commitment to do the follow-up of the Indigenous person who had tuberculosis and has AIDS.

Visits of representatives of the Catholic Church and of the Evangelical Church.

“The CRI has the doors open. The people are coming, they are approaching and offering to work”, concluded Clara.