Children and young people of the Light-Community of the New Earth – Crer-Sendo Service Nucleus, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), participated in the whole process of the creation of a video about dance which was in one of the various workshops done at the Parque Tibetano Live School.

With the participation of around thirty people, the choreography, the singing, the lighting, the filming, and the editing was all done by the trainees themselves with the teachers of the school following along.

According to Agnes Castelar Toledo, one of the participants who acted as the dance instructor, one of the objectives was to “demonstrate to the children and the young people that with patience, union, respect, love, thoughtfulness, and choice, everything can be created and manifested.”

Divided into dancers and operators of the cameras, according to the interest shown by each one, the trainees carried out the tasks and brought life to the work. According to Agnes: “through the art of dance, we used the idea of each one’s movement, and all of us together did the editing of the audio and the filming.

The coordinator of the Community, Pama, remembers that “the Parque Tibetano Living School is a formalizing of the education in the New Earth Light-Community, the mission of which is to express an awareness of coexistence.”

A Dança como Expressão da Consciência pela Convivência

It is with this in mind that the whole learning structure of the school is based on, including the different workshops offered, and this audiovisual is an example of that, which is confirmed by the stories of the participants.

For Clarissa Castelar Toledo, the experience of coexistence brought clarity as to the need for developing patience: “I discovered that I set a rapid pace and others take a little longer, so it’s necessary to learn to be patient.”

The importance of union and coexistence also appears in the story of Pedro Enrique Mariano: “to see the dedication and the union of my brothers and sisters for creating something new, to see how much we grew and matured, was very important.”

A Dança como Expressão da Consciência pela Convivência

The development of each human being through the expression of their soul in coexisting as a group, proposed by Pama, is well demonstrated in this work with the dancing, which caused the group to create the video.

The expression of the group, the development of each one, the fraternal coexistence among all of them was what was being explored, and Agnes makes this clear: “The intention was not just to do a task of recording a video, but rather a class in which we could learn and make mistakes together.”

The dance teacher was also able to see the growth  in herself which brought an awareness of the whole process that a job like this ends up producing in those involved, and emphasizes that: “the chance to manifest that video, shared with my brothers and sisters, was very good, it changed my point of view on art, I matured as a human being, and I am very grateful.”

A Dança como Expressão da Consciência pela Convivência

The result achieved by this group of trainees can be felt, perceived in each detail of this video, in the composition of the scenes, in the expression of the bodies, in the rhythm, in the involvement, in the looks, in the sound, in the song, in the union. Each one naturally bringing their presence, surrendered, to manifest the expression of the group, of life.

In the final evaluation of Agnes, a lot of positive things were achieved with this work: “a lot of joy, union, acceptance, creativity, and mainly, mutual respect. Everybody matured in the discussion, in their way of being present, giving opinions, coming to an agreement, speaking openly.”

To find out more, visit the YouTube channel of the Crer-Sendo Service Nucleus