NovaTerra_recebendo animais

Community receiving the animals

During the second half of January, the Community-of-Light of the Nova Terra, located in the region of Teresopolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, received almost one hundred animal victims of landslide. The Animals were from a Farm-Sanctuary that shelters animals.

The first group of animals that arrived came, on January 18: including 31 ducks, 2 geese, 1 turkey and 25 hens. On the 25th, the second group arrived: 24 oxen, 9 pigs and 7 goats. The request for these animals to be received was on the initiative of Patrícia Fittipaldi, the founder and coordinator of the Santuário das Fadas (Sanctuary of the Fairies), a farm located in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, which shelters animals who suffer some kind of exploitation or cruelty.


Sanctuary of the Fairies after landslide

The decision to ask the Community of the Nova Terra for temporary housing arose after part of the Sanctuary was destroyed by a landslide provoked by heavy rains.

“I intend to make a campaign on the internet to raise funds to buy a new headquarters, but while I an not able to manage that, the animals will be sheltered in the Community of the Nova Terra”, said Patrícia.

NovaTerra_Patricia_pamaThe Land of the Sanctuary, an area that belongs to the Community-of-Light of the Nova Terra, will become the home of transition for the host Patrícia, while her old land is sold and the new space manifests. Together with Patrícia, their smaller animals will stay: 11 dogs, more some pigs and 2 horses. The big animals already rescued will stay inside the Community of the Nova Terra.


One of the feeders donated

All of the still-usable debris generated by the landslide, such as tiles, screens and eucalyptus gateposts will now be reused in the Community, as material to build the new facilities. To help in the sheltering of the animals, the Sanctuary of the Fairies has donated feeders and drinkers, and will supply monthly rations, besides providing for other needs.