The Community-of-Light of the New Earth, affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, has launched its calendar for 2018. The chosen topic for this year is “Youth of Peace”, which was transmitted by the Virgin Mary on July 30, 2017 through the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, a monk of the Grace Mercy Order.

“With the selection of this topic, we sought to sow the culture of Peace in so many youths who live today surrounded by negative stimuli and to show them there is a group – Youth for Peace – that has found this path of Peace. The calendar has an educational goal, and also aims at contributing to disseminate the seeds of the messengers transmitted by the Divine Messengers, in a simple and artistic way”, explained Nadia Moya, responsible for the sector of communication of the Community-of-Light of the New Earth.

The material was planned and prepared by the students of the Living School Tibetan Park of the Community-of-Light of the New Earth. The process lasted for three months. The photographs were offered by youths that participate in groups of prayer of the Planetary Network-of-Light or are part of the Communities-of-Light.

Two thousand units were printed. Through the acquisition of this calendar, you collaborate with the works that the Community-of-Light of the New Earth carries out in behalf of the Animal Kingdom, as well as of the children and youth of the Living School Tibetan Park.

Those interested may order the 2018 calendar “Youths of Peace” at the Irdin Editora bookshops or in the community-of-Light of the New Earth, at or on Whatsapp +55 21 99099 6736.