The Community-of-Light Nova Terra has just launched at Irdin Editora the 2016 Calendar “The joy and gratitude of transforming in each cycle”, illustrated with images of everyday life in the community. The amount raised with the sales will be used in the expansion of the House Heart of Jesus, home to 42 children and youth of the Community-of-Light Nova Terra.


All the images in the calendar were taken in the Community and show actual moments of the life of people and animals that live there.

The Community-of-Light Nova Terra and Crer-Sendo Nucleus of Service are affiliated with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation. The Nucleus has existed since 1993 and the work with the children started in 2003. The community is located in the green valley of Gamboa, among the mountains of the Capim Ridge, in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the characteristics of the place is to foster community life and the harmonious coexistence between the human being and the kingdoms of nature. The work is done by residents and volunteers.

In Nova Friburgo, 80 km from the Community, there is another extension of the Community-of-Light Nova Terra. It is the Sanctuary of the Kingdoms, a place created after the tragedy of 2011 and used to house helpless animals in situations of risk.

Learn about the calendar here