Thousands of people cross the Venezuela frontier every day seeking a better life. The seriousness of the humanitarian crisis affects various countries of South America, but Colombia is the country that receives the greatest number of immigrants. Around 1.4 million Venezuelans have already come to that country.

A recent survey of the United Nation Organization (UNO) shows that more than four million people have already left Venezuela because of the social and economic crisis of the last few years.

The presence and activity of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) in Colombia,  was resumed in June of this year. In 2018, the missionaries travelled through some of the regions of the country and in the region of Cúcuta, on the border of Venezuela, they did extensive work with refugees for four months.

The ten missionaries sent from Brazil for the new stage of the Colombian Mission, continue to work jointly with other humanitarian agencies present in the region. The purpose is to expand the FIHM’s joint work in supporting the Venezuelan immigrants.

At the same time, the volunteers have developed activities that support the immigrants that arrive in Colombia, who have walked for hundreds of miles.

Another line of action has been in working with the children. Play workshops, teaching emergency  techniques, are carried out weekly in organizations that visit needy families, mostly Venezuelans. The children participate in activities with the missionaries, while the parents receive psychological guidance offered by the responsible institution.