Today we close the publications in honor of the World Water Day. Throughout this week we brought you several experiences of respect and care for this common good. In this article, you will learn about the experience of the Nova Terra Light-Community, and at the end you will receive a special invitation to make a great paradigm shift in regards to water. Read on!

Located in Gamboa Valley among Serra de Capim – RJ mountains, the Light- Community of the New Earth – affiliated to the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) – is a reference in rural-life style. There they demonstrate on a daily basis, the constant care for the most basic services.

It has now recently obtained the results of its water lab analysis and as Pama – coordinator of the Light- Community –  says:  “It is a blessing to have pure water in this planetary situation.”

Sanitation awareness in action

The Light- Community  of the New Earth maintains a continuous rhythm of actions for which the highest priority is to lower water consumption to a minimum level as well as continuously improving  the access to quality water for all human beings, animals, and for the Plant Kingdom representatives that inhabit it.

All of this is being achieved, thanks to services such as the correct disposal of garbage, a composting system, waste water disposal, construction of fences for springs and sanitary sewers, among other things, performed by community members under the guidance of specialists.

Well aware of the importance of basic sanitation and its great contribution to the environmental care, some people in the community, including young people and adults, participate in continuous training, which increasingly capacitates them to manage the project with functionality and sustainability.

“Representatives from Taboa Engineering were recently at Light-Community sharing their knowledge and practical experience in the sanitation field. ’We did workshops and reconnaissance of the areas. Their visit has given us a great impetus to continue more firmly,’ comments Rufino, a young resident of Light-Community and representative of the Kingdoms Sector.

“A week after their visit we began to apply the techniques learned,” adds Rufino, concluding: “a new cycle awaits us with new challenges ahead.”

The great challenge

The whole team is conscious of the changes to be sown to boost  a new mindset and habits impacting both individual, group and  social life style.

This is the right path for them to feel they are contributing to the new water culture, a great challenge perceived as the outcome of radical changes.

An invitation

The members of the Light-Community of the New Earth are extending an invitation to the readers: “Return to the legacy of ancestral cultures and resume a relationship of loving listening and harmonious coexistence with water. In this way we will connect with its vital and sacred value, always recognizing it as a right for all, a heritage of humanity, a common good.”