As part of their tasks in favor of the Kingdoms of Nature, the Francis of Assisi Park has received the visit of a group of students of the Escola Municipal (City School) Dra. Damina, of the city of Lavras, MG, Brazil. The activity took place on the last June 29, and 25 children altogether participated in it, all of them 5 years old.

The little ones spent the afternoon with the more than 400 dogs that the Park hosts, and participated in a snack.

“For us it is a reason for much joy to be able to contribute for the raising of awareness of children, and through them, of adults, in what concerns the cares that the animals must receive from human beings. Fortunately, we often receive the visit of groups that come from various schools, both private and state and city schools”, commented Lenilce Gomide, one of the coordinators of the host institution.

Love for animals

The presence of the children of the Escola Municipal Dra. Damina in the kennel was part of the Project “Living Beings – Dogs and Cats”, developed by the aforementioned educational institution. The project seeks to teach the importance that animals have in the life of human beings, from childhood up to adulthood. It offers children the opportunity of experiencing the interchange of affection with the Animal Kingdom, as well as of living love and respect for all species.

The little visitors were able to receive instructions on how to treat animals that are adopted as domestic and learn the task that the shelter conducts to decrease the suffering of animals that are victims of mistreats and of abandonment.

The Francis of Assisi Park is a service association afiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI). Located in Lavras, state of Minas Gerais, it gathers dogs rescued from the streets, offering them a roof, feeding and health cares, encouraging their adoption in homes. The place is maintained through donations.

In order to appoint visits or obtain additional information:

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