In just two days, close to twenty young people carried out various activities with great dedication and group effort. The teamwork took place on the weekend of July 20/21.

In the first stage of the workday, the group went to the “Don de Maria” (Gift of Mary) home, which gives shelter to twenty-five women with special needs who have been abandoned. The institution is maintained by the “Missionaries of Charity” and is located in the city of Beccar, in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. In addition to working with the elderly, a community refectory is also maintained by the Sisters.

The missionaries were divided into two immediate action fronts. The general repairs group took care of cleaning and organizing the common areas, while the support team rolled up their sleeves to help in the dining area kitchen. The missionaries helped prepare one hundred and fifty meals served on that Saturday. Sister Porcia, in charge of the kitchen, was relieved by the arrival of extra help – “God always sends divine providence!”, she said in a relaxed tone.

On the second day of humanitarian activity, the group went on to the city of San Francisco Solano, a southern area of the Greater Buenos Aires, to the communal refectory “Barrial Los Gurises.” The project has been there for more than 30 years, and takes care of more than 90 children.

The missionaries carried out a great task force in the precinct. Cleaning, organization and general repairs were done, and left the surroundings harmonized and in better condition for the operation of the project.


Special event celebrates Children’s Day in the “Los Gurises” refectory

A week after the missionary experience, members of the Planetary Light-Network and Choir of Buenos Aires were also in the “Los Gurises” refectory for another fraternal activity. The group, affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), has been carrying out activities with this project for more than twenty years.

The project receives and distributes donations of all kinds: clothing, food, shoes, toys, books, etc.

On “Children’s Day”, the volunteers of the Light-Network helped to prepare and serve pasta and empanadas for everybody who participated in the event. There was music, teaching games, distribution of toys, food, fruit, and cakes.

The children had the opportunity of playing, singing, playing instruments, and interacting with the adults at various times.

For more than five years, the Choir has been present one weekend a month with presentations, and also giving support through general repairs and the painting of the refectory.

The music brought by the Buenos Aires Choir helps to support the spirit of fraternity present during the whole event.

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