Bandeira BrasilDate: January 2019
Brumadinho, Minas Gerais

At first a contingent mission of humanitarian help, after the breaking of a tailings dam contaminated by residues of mining, which affected the Paraopeba River Valley and communities of the region, the initiative has become recurrent and is repeated every 15 days. Centered in the city of Brumadinho and in the region of Corrego do Feijao, the missionaries stayed during one month in the place, immediately after the disaster, and were able to directly support the logistics for rescue and attendance of animals impacted by the situation, besides the psychological support to the victims of the environmental disaster and their family members. Nowadays, after the phase of rescue properly, Fraternidade continues with the accompaniment of psychological attendance.


  • By means of a professional team, psychological assistance to the families of victims by means of home visits, and to the professional teams of emergency attendance.
  • Organization and registering of volunteers.
  • Immediate response to the emergency situation in the organization and logistics in the sector of rescue of fauna, including filing and registering of animals, implementation and control of stocks of medicines, food and veterinarian implements.
  • Assistance in the assembly of veterinarian hospital of Corrego do Feijao and of farm of welcome of animals rescued in Brumadinho.
  • Treatment and cares of fauna of the region.

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