“A Youth of Peace builds new bridges and raises consciences through their acts of love, mercy, and charity.”

Taking this  teaching as an inspiration for fulfilling the March Missionary Day , the Youth for Peace Group, in partnership with the members  of the  Light-Network of Central Argentina, have renovated  the garden and walls of Casa Unión’s prayer room.

Rede-Luz Argentina

Located in Buenos Aires, Casa Unión (Union House) is a space for prayer and selfless service, and is supported by the Light-Network of Central Argentina. It was donated in 2011 and at the time was used as a sewing workshop for the Grace and Mercy Order’s monastics. It also accommodated the priests of Aurora, who, among the various services they provide, is the accompaniment of  the Missionary Days.

Only 16 people attended the meeting,and protocols for Covid-19 prevention were followed.

For the attendees of the meeting “the day passed in complete harmony, leaving our hearts grateful for such a blessed task, feeling that it is necessary to dedicate another day of maintenance to cater for the needs of the place”.