At a time when young people overwhelmingly suffer the impacts of the planetary crisis, the 3rd Online Youth Festival for Peace intends to bring inspiration, motivation and hope for them to expand their possibilities of integration and move forward in building a new world. This is expressed in the theme of this edition: “United we are strong!” 

The Festival will take place on August 1st (Sunday) and will continue connecting young people of various nationalities.  The last edition gathered participants from 24 countries around themes such as culture of peaceconnection with the divinevolunteering and love for the Kingdoms of Nature. It will be a great impetus to vivify the principles of inner healing, fraternity and spirituality in the consciousness of the new generations.

The gathering, which has been held in person since 2016 in different cities in Latin America, adopted the online format with the beginning of the pandemic, and now it celebrates five years of existence.

Broadcast at two different times: join in from home!

With free access, the 3rd Online Youth Festival for Peace will be held live, in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

The broadcast will take place at two time slots: 11 am (first part) and 5 pm (second part).

There are three access options:

Youth Festival for Peace

What will you find at the Festival?

The program of the 3rd Youth Festival for Peace will include:

  • Choir with young people from different parts of the world.
  • Musical performances by international artists.
  • Free Stage: space for new artists to present their songs.
  • Service actions of the Youth Campaign for Peace groups.
  • Ecumenical prayer.
  • Dance.


The 3rd Online Youth Festival for Peace is organized by the Youth Campaign for Peace, a Christian, ecumenical and international movement that aims to inspire new generations to awaken divine love within them, in addition to promoting the spirit of unity and peace amongst individuals of all faiths, cultures, peoples and nations.

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