What was your focus in 2020? What did you learn and practice? Through this Calendar of the year 2021, the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI) has an invitation for you: look beyond the boundaries of your life, go beyond yourself and get to know a little of the reality experienced by the refugees housed in the shelters under its management in Roraima, Brazil.

Each day of each month, there is an opportunity to reflect upon and place oneself in the place of another: maybe in this way, and in unity, we can manage to make in the world a place for everybody.

This calendar is the result of the collective work of volunteers, collaborators, and missionaries who have combined effort, dedication and selfless service; they gifted their work through the releasing of their rights to the use of photographs, of the paintings of the refugees who tries to unify two nations in their art, of the meticulous and difficult task of selecting texts and photographs among hundreds of possibilities, or the very beautiful formatting of the content.

In the small space of a calendar, the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) is trying to express all the feeling of its mission: “to practice and disseminate fraternity among all the Kingdoms of Nature, waking up and expanding the human consciousness for a life of peace, love, and altruism.”

May the year of 2021 be a year of light, faith and continuing work for the Common Good!

The calendar is available for free download.