The Light-Community of Figueira, affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, will carry out in the next weekend, from June 7 to 9, the workshop “Dynamics of Natural Ecosystems and Principles of Syntropic Agriculture”, with theoretical and practical classes. Under guidance of Isaias Reis, the course is open to all those who want to participate.

Syntropic Agriculture is based on the structure and dynamics of the natural ecosystems, which are, by themselves, balanced, abundant and biodiverse systems. The aim is to develop the so-called “agroforestry systems”, which are created by means of a technique that can be applied from a small productive garden to high-scale agriculture.

Agricultura Sintrópica

The instructor, Isaias Reis, is an agroecological family agricultor with theoretical training and practical experience in the sector of Agroforestry. During the workshop, will be presented concepts and principles of Syntropic Agriculture applied to different models, such as: agro-ecological vegetable garden, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, flowers, fruits and plants that attract bees, cultivation of grains, cereals and legumes in great scale.

Throughout the centuries, agriculture has been a very aggressive activity for the environment, causing soil erosion, freshwater shortage, pollution and desertification. Syntropic agriculture, on its turn, seeks harmony between food production and the functioning of the ecosystem within a dynamics in which the agricultural and forestry systems help each other.

Syntropic agriculture potentializes the elements that are introduced in the agricultural system. For example, syntropically, a fertilizing element can intensify hundreds of times, the contrary of what happens in the conventional agricultural system. By using a mathematical proportion, “1” becomes “500”. Thus, the resources used in this method are not exploited, but potentialized. There are countless extraordinary cases related to soil regeneration through the application of principles of syntropic agriculture.

The workshop will establish relations between the dynamics of natural ecosystems and the principles of syntropic. An ecosystem can be defined as a set of communities that live in a certain place and interact among them and with the environment, creating a balanced system. The conception of syntropy concerns the degree of organization of a system. Thus, the goal of the workshop is to disseminate a practical knowledge that may contribute for the cooperation between human action and its effect on the planet.

Agricultura Sintrópica

Among the topics that will be touched on, the following stand out: living soil and the presence of the Kingdoms (formation, biota and principles of abundance); systematic use of organic matter; cultural treats and production of implements (bokashi, efficient and bio-regenerative microorganisms); reading of landscape and soil conditions (new strategies for an agroforestry transition); creative forces (the Devas and Nature), among other topics.


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