From January 17 to 24, twenty-five volunteers participated in the project “Love of the Kingdoms”, which is held monthly in the Community of the Brotherhood, in Cordoba, Argentina. Supported by the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, this project aims to promote the instruction and practice of planting native trees within a reforestation plan in a new locaton of the community.

As a part of teaching to the group, two documentaries were shared that talked about the importance of caring for the planet and the responsibility of human beings in this task. The documentary “Intelligent Trees,” for example, showed the interconnection that exists among trees, how they feel and how they cooperate in the support of the planet.

To complement the task of the volunteers that planted  50 locust trees, the group listened to a portion of an instruction from Mother Maria Shimani, a nun of the Grace Mercy Order (GMO), on the task of becoming aware of these species in Talampaya, a national park located in Rioja, Argentina.

The forestry engineer María Silvestre, who accompanies the reforestation project of that area of the Community, spoke with the group about the ecologic shift of the ecosystem in a post-fire situation, the strategies of survival and development of native trees and plants, and how reforestation can speed up the process of restoration of the ecosystem.

During a walk through the area where all the work was carried out, there was a collecting of native species, as well as a practice of how to plant the native trees from that location.

The project goes ahead with what is taught in the Light-Community of the Brotherhood. Other meetings will be held by the group each month to deepen the contact and interaction with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Those who feel interested in learning about the project and wish to know more about the activities in the Light-Communities, simply click here.