Through this video, we have the opportunity to know how the training sessions of the volunteers are made, those who offer themselves for service, just as the team itself of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) and the partner organizations that are also active in humanitarian response. All this takes place through the Training and Development Sector (T&D), created in 2020 to prepare and gather the tools, skills and knowledge needed to respond to the real demands that the work of the organization requires, both internally and with the external public.

Most relevant activities of the T&D Sector in 2020:

– Sphere Handbook training with the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) team

– Sphere Workshop with Bolivia Sphere Network

– Ubuntu Leaders Academy

– Training in Non-Violent Communication

– Training in INEE – International Standards of Education in Emergency

– The Art of Story-Telling

– 7 Courses of Therapeutic Drawing

– 3 Modules of the Advanced Training in Emergency Pedagogy

– Education in times of crises

The activities of the T&D Sector in numbers:

– About 900 participants of the team of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) in the Sphere Handbook training

– More than 20 different trainings for the team of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI)

– 5 trainings carried out since May 2020, facilitated by the team of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) for other organizations and individuals that work in humanitarian response

– 3 trainings that are being organized for 2020 and the beginning of 2021 for individuals and other organizations.