The Community of Nova Terra, located in the region of Teresopolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, is organizing during a certain period, between February 5 and 10, the second volunteer group service to enlarge the space of the Marian Center of the Child-King. A 100 people participate on the last activity similar to this one.

The group service will be taking place during the holidays of the Carnival. Collaborators from the Network of Light – Rio de Janeiro and other places, are expected.

Those interested in participate may contact us through e-mail:

The programmed schedule is the following:

February 5 and 6

-From Aurora, transmission of the Marathon of the Divine Mercy;

February 7, 8 and 9

-Group work for the construction of new horse stables;

-Group work in the Marian Center of the King-Child: beginning of the construction of the Prayer House and different outdoors activities;

-Group work for a deep harmonization of the Tibetan Park Live School, getting it ready for the return to school.

February 10