Escola Parque Tibetano Realiza Semana Pedagógica

From January 27 to 31, 16 collaborators, including teachers, assistants, members of the administrative and logistics teams, participated in the Education Week of the Parque Tibetano School, taking place in two branches of the school, located in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira and in the Light-Community of Figueira.

The activities included meetings in the morning for attunement, then reflective studies led by Friar Sebastian, and moving on to group meetings for the purpose of developing the work in the deeper aspects of teaching.

Also carried out were specific activities with the children, such as playing, handicrafts, various workshops and story-telling.

Semana Pedagógica

“The education week is a unique time of the year in which we can build the basic note that we are going to resonate to during the school year. This was the first time that we did the education week with both branches of the school and the results were surprising to all of us,” affirmed Friar Sebastian, a member of the administrative team of the school.

The educator Elaine Cassan shared studies with the group about the development of the child in their first seven years of life, and also emphasized the importance of working on unity amongst the teachers.

For the teacher Roberta, it was very important “to have this experience with all the teachers together, to align ideas and have exchanges. The work done on the deeper aspects of teaching was interesting, done in groups with specialists in each area; it helped in interdisciplinarity and planning for the year.”

Semana Pedagógica