Volunteer work has been going on since 2014 and the benefited families receive fruit, vegetables, legumes, and various supplies whenever the group receives donations.

The enrolled people live in the Morrinhos Community, located in a poor area of the city of Guarujá, in the southern costal area of the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

With the support of “godparents” (people sympathetic to the group initiative), a voluntary collection of resources began to be done monthly. When a sufficient amount of money for the purchase of food is achieved, the monthly food family baskets  are put together and delivered in the community.

Throughout this year there have already been 150 food baskets delivered. “It is always a party. We still have not managed to do one distribution like that every month as we would like, but we are gradually working towards that,” says Rosi Freitas, coordinator of the Light-Network in São Paulo as well as a participant in the Guarujá Light-Network.

In the last deployment carried out on July 27, the members of the Light-Network of Santos, a neighboring city, also participated in the movement. The activity included 13 people in all. “The families are extremely grateful and say that the help always comes in the time of greatest need. To make this activity a reality was a milestone for our group. It really shows us that we are on the correct path and that when we are united under a single purpose everything is possible. Recently, we managed to create a Branch of FIHF here in Guarujá and we already have the tax ID of the Branch and we are waiting for the opening of a Bank Account to better promote our activity and in this way, attract new “godparents, sympathizers, and supporters,” concludes Rosi.

See below the video recording of one of the phases of the volunteer mobilization:


The nuclei responsible for the initiative are affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF). To find out how to help in this or other volunteer projects, contact us by phone at (13) 99788-7941.