For several years, the Ceará Light-Network, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI), has been carrying out supportive activities with the Recanto Sagrado Coração, in Fortaleza, administered by the Sisters of the Order of St. Vincent, which is an expression of Christic charity in current times. Besides taking care of the elderly, the institution also takes care of the homeless population.

In this period of pandemic, the partnership continues, not in person, but with activities that strengthen the work of the institution, such as the production of the video Be an Influencer of Good, the message of which is a call to be a volunteer. At the end of the audiovisual, a slogan emerges in attunement with current times: #Helping increases IMMUNITY.

Recanto Sagrado Coração

Recently, the Light-Network donated personal hygiene products, protection masks, and clothing to the Recanto Sagrado Coração.

Before the pandemic, the group performed occasional routines at the place, developing integration activities with residents through songs and prayers, and specific actions through donations to the institution.