Who seeks knowledge gathers ashes and thorns; who gives themselves to the Light, knowing nothing, knows all things. José Trigueirinho Netto

The ShastiAssociation Publishers, headquartered in the United States, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), is the fulfilment of a request from the spiritual philosopher, José Trigueirinho Netto, created initially for the publication of his works. The project has expanded, and today, besides publishing books in English, the publisher provides support for some specific activities of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF), as well as for activities of the Grace Mercy Order (GMO).

The target audience is composed of seekers from various parts of the world, including members of the Light-Network, a selfless and prayer-oriented service network with members in various parts of the world.

Shasti Association

The co-presidents of Shasti, Gran and Micha-El, emphasize that “in these times of the pandemic, the publication of books is of fundamental importance, for more than ever, humanity has need of knowledge to know how to deal with and understand the planetary crises.” They reflect: “the pandemic came to confirm the teachings of Trigueirinho, who untiringly spoke to us about these times that were coming, preparing us for them. They cause us to reflect more deeply, to think of the common good; they help us in our transformation and in our awakening to a more divine life.”

With a team made up of ten professionals – including translators, proofreaders, layout designers and book designers -, Shasti is preparing new publishing projects for 2022, with the aim of contributing to overcoming these challenging moments humanity is going through. Some titles from the extensive Works of Trigueirinho will be published this year, such as: Our Life in Dreams, Niskalkat, and a compilation of material selected from his books, as well as the book of Friar Luciano, entitled “Words to the Heart.”

During the period of the pandemic and a little before it, Shasti published seven titles authored by Trigueirinho. Signs of ContactSigns of BlavatskyNoah’s VesselBeyond KarmaThe Mystery of the Cross in the Present Planetary Transition, Voice of Amhaj and Calling Humanity. Another important publication in English and Spanish is the book Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions/Fraternity – Missiones Humanitarias Internacionales, authored by the Brazilian writer Ana Regina Nogueira, and Poems of the Soul, received by the visionary Friar Elías.

Shasti Association

Besides the above, in partnership with Irdin Publishers, of Brazil, Shasti published three books in 2021 by the British philosopher, Paul Brunton, a project that will continue in 2022.

The publisher is a partner with Lightning Source, which offers various services, among them the global distribution of books to countries such as Germany, China, South Korea, Spain, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, among others.

Shasti publications are available on the Amazon website and through local publishers.

The publisher is requesting donations for costs of future publications. Going to press are the three titles mentioned above by Trigueirinho and the book by Friar Luciano, general manager of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation (FIHF). Donations can be made through the PayPal account:  or through the website:

For bank transfers, please contact Micha-El by email:

We invite you to go to the Shasti website, where you will find the description of each of the published books, besides a selection of the Teachings of Trigueirinho, videos of his lectures with English subtitles, and audios of some of them with simultaneous English translation.