Next Monday, January 29, at 8 p.m. (Time of Brasilia) will be exhibited again the sharing “Doubts of these Times No. 1”, by José Trigueirinho. It is part of the series of monthly public talks of the spiritual philosopher, and will be transmitted via internet, at the website of the Community-of-Light of Figueira, with English translation.

In this “sharing”, Trigueirinho clarifies doubts of the public concerning topics such as family karma, the three days of darkness, the dynamic life of the Communities-of-Light, group and individual prayer, cancer and its causes. He will also reflect about the following subjects: baptism, communion and confession; differences between soul and spirit; the importance of prophecies; 40 days of fasting; and service to the Kingdoms of Nature.

New cycle

Last November, a new cycle of monthly public talks by Trigueirinho, with the retransmission of studies recorded throughout five years. In this way, the writer offers the opportunity of sharing his reflections again about current topics and thus deepen the contact with this precious spiritual instruction, in these times of great planetary challenges.

Since 1987, Trigueirinho has conducted more than two thousand talks and written more than 80 books. By means of this instruction, the author has sought to connect people with the aspects of a new consciousness and to stimulate them to live a life that is more fraternal, pacific and harmonious with the Universe.  All this spiritual inheritance is available on the website of Irdin Editora.

Watch the ‘sharing’ here: