December 17 to 20, Sunday to Wednesday

Dec 17, Sunday

Missionaries of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation – registered seven Indigenous families (27 people altogether) of the Inhepa (Panare) ethnic group, which arrived at the Center of Reference for the Immigrant (CRI).

Dec 18, Monday

A pregnant Indigenous woman was taken to make blood and urine tests.

In the morning there was literacy class of children at the school of the shelter.

Donations were received of mangoes, rice and pasta.

Venezuelan immigrant withe psychological problems was taken for inpatient services at the Center of Psychosocial Attention III (Caps III).

Games with the children

Missionaries gathered with the Indigenous leaders to announce and invite the people to participate in the Course for Indigenous Health Agent, which will last for three days.

Activities in the vegetable garden were conducted, as well as volleyball matches and games with the children.

Identification cards of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) were given to some immigrants who did not have them.

Dec 19, Tuesday

Baggage of the immigrants

Eight immigrants, with baggage, left the shelter and went to Pacaraima, where they will enter Venezuela. Other immigrants waited for a ride to the Bus Station, to travel to the city of Santa Helena of Uairén, in Venezuela.

A quarrel between an immigrant couple generated tumult at the CRI. A meeting of reconciliation and guidance was held with the couple, who were then conducted to do cleaning tasks in the kitchen and in the gymnasium of the shelter.

Course of Indigenous Health Agent

At the Olympic Village, near the shelter, began the Indigenous Health Course, sponsored by the Special Secretary of Indigenous Health (Sesai) of the Special East Indigenous Sanitary District (Disei) and of the Ianomami Disei. Participated in the course: members of the monastery, missionaries and collaborators of Fraternidade, Indigenous leaders, immigrants, health agents who work at the Health Center near the CRI, one representative of the Health Secretary of the city of Boa Vista and one representative of Setrabes.

Dec 20, Wednesday

Educational material of the school of the CRI was organized and there was a literacy class.

Missionaries accompanied two persons to hospital: an Indigenous immigrant who underwent an evaluation by the orthopedist, and a Warao child who had red eyes. Tests were made and the cause of the health problem is still being studied.

A member of the Social Service of Sesai came to the CRI with an Indigenous Warao woman of 17 who was lost. The immigrants recognized the adolescent and a missionary of Fraternidade accompanied her to the camping site of immigrants near the Bus Station of Boa Vista, where her family was.

Painting of the external wall of the shelter

Police officers, who began to protect the shelter again 24/7 made round in the company of a missionary of Fraternidade. The police officers will be installed during the night in the white container, where the members of the team of the Setrabes stay during the day.

A child of the house that neighbors the CRI, when it climbed the wall to pick a fruit, was hit by a stone in the head, that came from the shelter. The aggressor was not identified.

Team of Sesai conducted health assistance in the shelter.

Activity of painting of the external part of the shelter had the participation of volunteers and children.