The Community-of-Light of Figueira has organized the “Introduction to Permaculture” workshop. It was imparted by Joao Rockett and Tatiana Cavacana, permacultors with a broad experience in the formation of agricultors. Both coordinate the Instituto de Permacultura da Pampa (IPEP) in the city of Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
The course had the presence of 40 participants that came from several cities of Brazil, and lasted for four days, from August 16 to 19, 2018.

“The objective of introducing Permaculture in Figueira is to create bases for an agricultural production and at the same time to aim at the integration with natural landscape, with a criterium of sustainability, as well as to practice an ecological agriculture, which may represent in a more harmonious and faithful way our material and spiritual relationship with the Kingdoms of Nature”, explained Friar Renato, from Grace Mercy Order and coordinator of the Seeds Sector of the Community-of-Light.

Method or philosophy of life?

Planning the preparation of a plot

The informative topic and the vast experience of the professionals in the activity of instruction, transmitted from simplicity and love for the Creation, made it clear that for Permaculture everything is interrelated around us. The subject in question offers methods for those interested to integrate and make use, in their daily life, of this energy dynamics, being able to make it their philosophy of life and cooperating, thus, consciously, with the planet.

“I liked very much all the information for the consciousness that we must have before this moment of transition of the planet, together with Nature and the Kingdoms, all that which we can do to improve this global situation that we are living”, expressed Carlos S. Filho, 36, from Sao Paulo. He added that “Permaculture brings help for this transformation that we need to do by working together”.

In the same line of reflection, Pallas Athena, 18, a member of the Community-of-Light of Figueira, manifested: “What I feel deep in my heart is that each day we have to seek this coherence with life, to be more consistent in our prayers, because oftentimes we pray for the Kingdoms, but when we deal with them, we do not give them so much love, we do not render so much service and collaboration in the little acts, for example when we open a tap of water, when we recycle trash, when we plant something”.

Creating a sustainable and renewable environment

Cultivation of lettuce in an instantaneous seedbed

The content of the course was developed with principles, general notions and practices of Permaculture, having as scenario the area of experimentation of F2, where there was the opportunity of relating with ecological techniques of elaboration of seedbeds, strategies of cultivation of tomatoes, landscape reading, hydraulic generation and bio-construction, as well as a clear explanation about sustainability.

Some expressed about it: “What gave me the impulse to come was the need to strengthen in the subject of cultivation. I am making a greenhouse, alternative exchanges and what touched me the most was the simplicity of how to make the seedbeds, over living substracts”, said Vital Pinheiro, 54, from Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais.

“I am very satisfied with the course. All the points dealt with are important: the seeds, the food, water, because the governments are far from reaching a solution and only individual action can change this situation”, expressed Layon Menezes Mérola, who came from Sao Francisco de Paula, Rio Grande do Sul.

This workshop is part of the campaign “Our daily grain”, of the Community-of-Light of Figueira. The next meeting will be conducted in the month of October and is open, previous enrolment, to all those interested.

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