Members of the Nicaragua Light-Network, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI), mobilized quickly in an emergency situation to collect essential goods, managing to help 25 families that were affected by the tropical storms.

“Besides prayers, we were able to bring a little fellowship and joy to these brothers and sisters in a timely way,” we are told by Alba Palacios, one of the members of the group. Activities are restricted, for the time being, to emergency situations, involving support for family members and close friends of these volunteers.

The hurricanes Eta and Iota, both category 4, hit several countries, most severely hit was the coast of the Caribbean, in the last weeks of November. Few deaths were reported, but due to the huge consequences of the path of the two hurricanes, more than 70 thousand people were left vulnerable, accounting for about 150 temporary shelters, and much damage to essential services, homes, and the Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

Among the items collected was clothing, shoes, food, plastic bags and water. The quick action helped a total of 150 people among children, women, and the elderly, of the communities of Santa Julia and El Desenredo in the municipality of El Crueco, in Managua, capital of the country.