Volunteers of the Network-of-Light of Florianopolis paid a visit to the Indigenous village of Morro dos Cavalos (Hill of the Horses), located in the town of Palhoça, metropolitan region of Florianopolis. Florianopolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The group brought donations of food kits and clothes for the 34 families of the Guarani ethnic group that live in the place.

The activity took place on Sunday, December 17, in an atmosphere of joy and fraternity. After the distribution of food and clothes, a choir of children and youths of the village made a presentation in the Indigenous school Itaty, singing songs of the Guarani culture. One instrument used in the accompaniment was a violin that had been donated by members of the Network-of-Light of Florianopolis. “It was a radiant musical moment, as a form of retribution and also as gratitude to God (Nhanderu or Tupã in the Tupi-Guarani language), for He always hears our supplications”, said Hugo Camarinha, one of the eight members of the visiting group.

Members of the choir in front of the Itaty school.

Later, the cacique (Chief) Teofilo Gonçalves took the visitors to the Opy (House of Prayer) of the village, located on the highest part of the hill. With a slow conversation, the Indigenous Chief explained that this is the place where everyone gather at the end of the day and where the commemorations and spiritual exercises are celebrated. There, Teofilo described the situation of the community and answered questions about the main challenges and problems that the Indigenous peoples face in Brazil.

Contact with God

The Guarani leader revealed that the difficulty in obtaining profits with the trade of their typical artisanship aggravates the precarious conditions of subsistence of the Indigenous people. “This is why we become very thankful when we are helped. Most of the society in general forgets about us”, said the Chief.

Entering the “Opy” of the Guarani village

He added that the quest for contact with God, through the rites practiced in the House of Prayer, is a fundamental help to obtain force and guidance for the countless tests that the village must undergo every day. At last, Teofilo sang a prayer in Guarani to close the meeting.

The Network-of-Light of Florianopolis intends to give continuity to the activities by developing other tasks in the village, such as the building of a vegetable garden and the cultivation of trees.

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