The Network-of-Light of Northern Argentina will conduct between October 8 and 10 a Meeting of Service in the Indigenous Communities of Chaco. The activities will take place in the communities of the Qom ethnic group.


The activity is part of the Permanent Missions conducted by the Network-of-Light group of Northern Argentina in the support to the local group of the Argentinian Chaco in the works held with the Indigenous Communities in the region.

The place of the meeting and lodging of the group will be in the House of the Sacred Family of Burdeos. Twenty-six people are expected, coming from different provinces of Argentina, such as Missiones, Formosa, Tucumán, Salta, Cordoba and Buenos Aires. This group will join the groups of the Network-of-Light of Chaco and of Corrientes and members of the Community-of-Light of the Brotherhood and the Monastery of the Brotherhood.

Chaco_Mapic_crianca_cumprimentoOn the first day, Saturday, moments of attunement and prayer will be conducted, coordinated by members of the Monastery. Also groups of work will be organized, and so will the materials needed for the tasks in the indigenous communities.

On Sunday, 9, the activities will take place in the Mapic neighborhood of the city of Resistencia. On the 10th, they will be in Margarita Belén, about 26 kilometers from the city of Resistencia.

missao_chaco_criancasIn all the days of activities, the group will work with the children by means of games, recreational activities and songs, besides washing and cutting hair and making lice extraction. With the Animal Kingdom, the group will continue the attention to the dogs and cats and the work of internal and external worming of the animals.

Both in the Mapic Community and in Margarita Belén, lunch will be shared with the Qom.

“We will take in our hearts all the brothers and sisters of the Planetary Network-of-Light and we thank for the opportunity that the Universe gives us, of meeting our brothers and sisters of the Indigenous Communities”, said Mabel, the coordinator of the Network-of-Light of Northern Argentina.

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