In the face of the call by the Divine Messengers to participate in the 49th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, as well as in the Celebration of the 10 years of Apparitions of Mary, the Network-of-Light group of the Southern Region of Brazil went in pilgrimage to the Marian Center of Figueira.

Pilgrimage transferred

The Pigrimage that at first was destined to the Marian Center of Aurora, was then transferred, and the 31 people enrolled, members of the Network-of-Light of the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarian and Paraná, and the brothers and sisters of the group of youths of Florianópolis, accompanied the whole liturgy of these important events that took place from August 5 thru 8, 2017.

Gratitude and union

To Giana Lenzi, the coordinator of the Network-of-Light Group of the Southern Region of Brazil, “every pilgrimage is special and gives us many teachings and unique opportunities to be with the Divine Messengers. Many brothers and sisters received the Sacraments, including some who went for the first time to this Marian Center, and all the experiences and blessings that the group receives create a state of gratitude and union that is very intense among all. We were pervaded by the love of Mary and of Christ and this love strengthens our bonds as souls and groups of prayer”.

Commitments with the Divine Messengers

Even though the Pilgrimages to the Marian Center of Figueira do not follow a pre-established calendar, the group is willing to make it whenever there are calls from the Divine Messengers, thus sealing a commitments with the pilgrimages to this Marian Center as well.


Lourdes Maria, a pilgrim, states, “Full of grace, I am thankful to the welcome from the brothers and sisters. It is always a home coming, a meeting of joy. The Pilgrim-Bus is an extension of this welcome that facilitates our movement for this sacred encounter”.

Declaring herself grateful for the opportunity of experiencing what for her are gorgeous, sincere and serene moments, Júlia Pitsch de Farias – of the Youth Group of Florianópolis – explains, “the timelessness becomes present when we travel in attunement, praying and singing”.

Giana concludes, “Whenever a group of souls responds to a call from the Divine Messengers, and we put ourselves in the correct energy, we perceive that the pilgrimage manifests in a much quicker way, in which all the difficulties are solved and the joy for fulfilling what is requested of us is very great”.