The participants of the Missionary of peace Experience of November, in partnership with the House Light on the Hill, fixed and distributed 6 kilos of pasta in the district Bom Retiro, in the town of Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


The pasta prepared at the House Light on the Hill was made with tomato sauce, soy protein, olives, corn, carrot and peas.the Colombian Javier Posso came to participate in the Missionary of peace Experience after accompanying the pilgrimage of the Universal Mother in his country: “I am feeling a great connection with the group, a group energy of love, united to God’s spirit”, he said smiling.

The group also received the help of volunteers from the House Light on the Hill. After the food was ready, all joined the brothers of the Monastery of Charity, of the Grace Mercy Order, to do the distribution in the district of Bom Retiro. All the food was distributed directly to the population. “Through this contact with the community we got to know all kinds of needs of theirs, such as school, illnesses, unemployed persons and lack of food, explained Mother Samira, of the Monastery of Charity

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