Filming in Roraima, in the Mission organized by the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), the current audiovisual is both simple and powerful, as is the experience of those who are present in this humanitarian crisis, be they in the shelter or as missionaries.

The registering of faces, smiles, embraces and moments experienced there, absorbed by the missionary photographer Celita Schneider, were literally stamped, printed on paper, symbolically and for real, vivifying the value of each human being.

There is an eternal phrase in the photographic medium: “to photograph a person is to affirm that they are interesting to us,” and this was precisely what Celita, with her delicate work, demonstrated to each of the refugees who was reached by her lenses. The portrait, developed and given to each of them, reverberated in them, from what can be seen in their faces, what the photographer herself affirms at the beginning of the video: “photography takes on a soul value.”

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