The House of the Light on the Hill, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), is working on an agricultural regenerative project with the goal of producing healthy food while the soil is regenerated and the local biodiversity is increased.

Situated in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, a region of Southern Minas Gerais, the House of the Light on the Hill seeks to become self-sustaining in the production of food. “For this, the collaborators and volunteers made themselves available to develop this project that will supply food to the House of the Light on the Hill; as for the extra, it will be donated to people who need it the most,” affirms the biologist and collaborator of the Plantings Sector, Tainá Navolar.

This work is being done in an area of 1,500 m(approx.1/2 acre) that was used for a long time by the previous owner as pasture for cattle. To regenerate the health of this soil and encourage the life and biodiversity of the area, techniques of Syntropic Agriculture from Ernst Gotsch were used, transmitted by the Light-Community of Figueira through courses with Isaías Reis.

“We planted some rows of fruit trees and plants that act as fertilizers, and on those same rows we are cultivating vegetables; in this way, we take care of the trees and optimize the natural resources and the workforce. Up to now we have planted an assortment of 50 species, and our goal is to expand the plantings in quantity and biodiversity,” explains Tainá.

Concerning the donation of food to the low-income community, Tainá affirms: “I believe that the offering and the vital energy of the food can foster relationships of fraternity and care, generating hope and renewal for this difficult time we are going through together,” she ends.