House of Redemption, material counterpart of the Planetary Center Aurora, is renamed Community of Fraternity.the change is part of a statutory modification that is taking place in this planetary center since November 21, when representatives of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation arrived at the place, in the district of Paisandu, Uruguay

FFHI em Comunidad Fraternidad2

“Today is an important day for the whole consciousness of the Fraternity”, says Mirnuk – Institutional manager of the Federation. According to Mirnuk, with the statutory modification the Community of Fraternity, which is part of the group of Communities-of-Light affiliated to the Fraternity, will be able to expand its activities significantly, a fact which has a tremendous importance for the Evolutionary Plan. It corresponds to the Communities-of-Light an important part of collaboration in the expression of a new life on the Earth, based on evolutionary laws that aim at a state of consciousness not lived by humankind yet.the Communities-of-Light are laboratories to develop these laws.the Community of Fraternity is the counterpart of the Planetary Center Aurora here on the surface of the planet. I feel that not only we are happy with this step, but the Elder Brothers and Sisters must be vibrating with this moment”, explains Mirnuk.

Mirna Jad, though Community of Figueira, and Aurora, through Community of Fraternity, are the two Planetary Centers that have been able to express themselves the most on the surface of the Planet so far. Mirnuk thinks that each new step cooperates so that the other Planetary Centers such as ERKS and Lis expand their collaboration with the surface of the Earth. Mirnuk affirms that, as the souls that correspond to each Planetary Center give their “yes” and cooperate with the Center, whether through a temporary or permanent collaboration, these centers will find arms to work here on the surface.

 “The evolutionary Plan needs our response, our arms, legs, hands, heart and mind. We are incarnated to serve the Universe of God, and the Community-of-Light are a marvelous field of expression for these seeds to germinate”, concludes Mirnuk.