cavalos_comunidade_nova_terra_2The care of the 20 horses that have been transferred from the island of Paquetá, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, to the Community-of-Light New Earth are already part of the routine of the community. The animals were used to pull the chariots for sightseeing on the island and were transferred to the Community-of-Light in May 21 and 22, 2016.

cavalos_comunidade_nova_terra_3Every day the young people of the community and some animal protectors as Patricia Fittipaldi from the Sanctuary of the Fairies, participate in the task and care required for these new residents. There are several activities: care of horseshoes, wounds treatment, baths and cutting grass for food. All accompanying with loving commitment for the adaptation of our brothers from the Animal Kingdom to this new life, where they can live in peace and in freedom.