Tuesday, Feb 14

Removal of the awning that hung in the area beside the gymnasium of the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant.

Visit of the manager of the exanthematic diseases (acute and infectious diseases that cause eruptions or red lesions in skins) of the State Health Surveillance. She detected the need of preventive vaccination in the CRI and informed that diseases such as measles, rubella and chickenpox must be informed when they appear.

Eleven medical services and 4 dental services rendered in the truck of the Secretary of Health.

Donations of clothes were made for the Venezuelan refugees who are not in the CRI.

Raising of food at the supermarkets and reception of a donation of bananas in the CRI.

Clothes and footwear donated to a family of four Venezuelan Indigenous people who arrived yesterday in the CRI.

Daily cleaning of the organic trash around the gymnasium of the CRI.

Visit of an agent of the ABIN (Brazilian Agency of Intelligence), to check the situation of the refugees, the issue of food and other needs.

The updating of the census of the Venezuelans in the CRI was done, as new refugees have arrived and others have gone to Manaus looking for jobs.