Thursday, Feb 16

Beginning of activities in the city of San Javier, in the region of Maule, very affected by the fires.

A part of the group went to the sites affected by the fires, where houses, woods, cultivations and animals were burnt. The missionaries worked in the removal of debris.

“It is such a big tragedy that Chile had to live, that most people will not be aware of how big this catastrophe was to our country”, said Adriana, a member of the Network-of-Light of Chile.

Another part of the group stayed with activities in the school where they are lodged and in a gymnasium of the city of San Javier where many donations are kept. The missionaries helped unloading the donations and also classified and separated the ones destined to the animals and those for  people.

Monastics of the Grace Mercy Order worked with several Chilean youths in the task of organizing and separating the donations of clothes by type and size.

“It was a very great emotion that invaded my heart to receive this group of the Fraternidade. They arrived with an incredible energy that raised us and gave us strength to carry on. I believe this visit is fundamental, because it has stimulated the youths to participate a lot. The work they do is wonderful, we are very thankful”, said Odete, the coordinator of the group “Desafío Levantemos Chile” (Challenge: Let us Raise Chile), which is organizing the donations and the humanitarian help to the families affected by the fires.