Porto de Santos

For the third time in the month of August, the Network-of-Light group of Guaruja made the collection of donations at the terminal of the Port of Santos, located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This time, the group was contacted by officers of a terminal of the Port of Santos, for them to retrieve the donations of foods. They are part of the program from the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry that refers to philanthropic entities foods of quality that are called “Excess Food Samples”.

The collection, which took place on August 23, was of 235 kg of fruits (pears, plums, nectarines and peaches), besides spices. After the reception, the coordinator of the group, Rosi Freitas, made contact with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, and was instructed to forward the donation to the Nucleus of Service Crer-Sendo, an association affiliated to the Fraternidade and located in the Community-of-Light of the New Earth, in the city of Teresopolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Food for many people

The Nucleus of Service Crer-Sendo is an institution that houses children, teen-agers and adults and offers cares and education. Eighty people daily involved in the Nucleus of Service and in the Community-of-Light are fed, in its greater part through donations. About 50 of them are children, all of them called “children of Pama”, who is the coordinator and responsible for Crer-Sendo and the Community-of-Light of the New Earth. They receive basic education in a school installed in the Nucleus of Service.


Besides shelter and education, the Nucleus offers veterinarian and human outpatient attendance, and renders service to the whole rural community. “We share everything we receive with all those who need. From the donations of objects, furniture, to the donations of foods and medicines. We have a monthly movement of approximately 500 people from the region, including those of the city of Friburgo. They are accompanied by us in diverse needs”, said Pama.

House of Support

The donations were also handy to feed the Casa do Amparo (House of Support), extension of Crer-Sendo in Teresopolis. There, are offered medical follow-up and the monthly distribution of foods for 30 registered families, plus the sporadic cases. In the House of Support currently live three babies, two small children, two teen-agers and two adults.

Sanctuary of the Kingdoms

In the Sanctuary of the Kingdoms, also near the Nucleus of Service, three adults and two collaborators are fed with the donations received by Crer-Sendo. The place is dedicated to the Kingdoms of Nature, and today shelters about 600 animals. “The animals of the region, when they get injured or are bitten by snakes, are also attended to here. We even have snake anti-venom”, explains Pama.

For a few days, the fruits that came from the Port of Santos brought a lot of joy to the children.

“I could imagine the joy of the children as they tasted each species of fruit. We know that many of them do not know these fruits”, said Rosi.

“Our breakfast today was blessed by God! We always are without fruits on Thursday and we have to make fruit salad for all to be able to eat. Today each one can eat one, two whole fruits! Our Divine Mother always intercedes for us!”, said Pama, grateful.