aplicativo_mensageiros divinos2The Association Mary, affiliated to the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, has launched the application “Divine Messengers.” With this new tool, it is possible to access various pieces of information about the Divine Messengers from mobile devices.

aplicativo_mensageiros divinos3

The application was made with the aim of extending and facilitating access to the information in an easy and quick way to those who have a mobile device, such as cell phones and tablets. By means of a Main Menu, the user can quickly get in touch with all the functionalities that the program offers. It is possible to see the most recent updates, consult the Pilgrim Calendar, with the dates and information on the events, see the last messages, visit the Facebook page of the Divine Messengers and download songs, chants and spiritual exercises. The application also offers access to the Misericordia Maria TV website and a direct link to the live transmissions, to be watched from whereever you are. Whenever there is an update, the application will inform with a notification in the device.

aplicativo_mensageiros divinos4

These are some of the functionalities that the new application of the Association Mary brings to mobile devices. This is another channel of communication to take all to the Campaign for Peace in the World.

Learn about the application and download it here