Association Mary and Grace Mercy Order inauguratedon November 9, at Nucleus Sacred heart, at Community of Figueira, the pilgrim bus.

The vehicle will be used by the monks of the Grace Mercy Order and the technical team of Divina Madre to move in trips around South America, specially among Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. During the trips, the group performs works of prayer and diffusion of the Divine Messengers: Mary, Saint Joseph and Jesus.

The pilgrim bus was a request of the Virgin Mary in a message of December 21, 2013, transmitted to the visionary monk and nuns of the Grace Mercy Order. “In the message of Mary, she clearly states that the main purpose of the bus is of a spiritual character, making God reach the hearts and the nations”, says friar Santiago, monk of the Grace Mercy Order.


The bus is new, was bought by means of a campaign of  donations, has 36 seats and permits communication with the internet during the trip. Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, intermediated and supported the whole process of purchase and regularization of the bus, did the selection of the drivers and accompanied the process of qualification to drive the vehicle.there are two drivers, old collaborators of Figueira, both volunteers.the arrival of the pilgrim bus will also bring saving in the trips of the group, as the cost of collective transportation by land is much less expensive that that by air.

During the event of inauguration at the Nucleus Sacred Heart, at Figueira, monks, residents of Figueira and collaborators participated at a ceremony with Marian prayers, a blessing of the vehicle and ecumenical communion.

To see the whole message of Mary of November 21, 2013, click here