1. Preliminary Information

1.1. The WEBSITE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) is accessible through browsers on different platforms (IOS, Android and via the web), and here it will be referred to as the Website and/or site HUMANITARIAN – FRATENITY (FIHF) and/or platform.
1.2. It is a portal on the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) and its affiliates, which is directed to the general public, and whose content is made available through articles in the following formats: text, image, audio and video.
1.3. THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) site , in accordance with the best practices of respect for users and transparency, exposes the basic principles of the Privacy Policy chosen by the website for the use and storage of personal information provided by visitors regarding the access and use of services that imply identification.
1.4. The Privacy Policy of THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) site may be amended as needed. Thus, it is recommended that users periodically check this section in order to be aware of any changes to its content. It should be highlighted that possible changes that are considered more expressive, because they significantly modify the premises of this Privacy Policy, will be the subject of advance notice on the website.
1.5. The Privacy Policy of THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) site aims at protecting all its users. It is believed in the obligation to guarantee and protect personal data, the dignity and the fundamental rights of privacy, intimacy, freedom, honor and image of the user.
1.6. Registration and access to this website imply full acceptance of the provisions in this Privacy Policy, as well as its Terms of Use. If the user disagrees with any provision herein, he/she must not register, subscribe and/or access the website.

2. Information Collected

2.1. THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) site declares that information will be collected from users who access the website, and that it is subdivided into: “Personal Information”, “Access Information” and “Interaction Information”.
2.2. “Personal Information”: in order to subscribe to and/or register to receive the newsletter and fully benefit from the tools offered by THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) site, some information will be requested from users, such as name, email, telephone numbers, personal documents, dates of birth, among others. The information collected should be provided voluntarily, as well as its veracity and timeliness should be the total and full responsibility of the user.
2.3. “Access Information”: As the user accesses the website, information about visited pages can be automatically recorded, such as the browser used, operating system, IP, among others. This information is collected with the purpose of database improvement and statistical analysis.
2.4. “Interaction Information”: Information that users voluntarily submit in the specific and interactive sections of the site will be stored, such as the “Profile”, “Notebook” and “Favorites” section.
2.5. The user is, however, allowed, at any time, to disable the sending of cookies, and to install blockers or other means to disable the sending of this type of information.
2.6. It is important to note that no Personal Information will be collected by THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) site without the user’s consent and willingness. The consent and willingness will be expressly manifested through the user’s registration on the website, in the registration to receive the newsletter, by filling out a form, through e-mail, participation in some virtual action or by any other digital form of data supply.

3. Methodology for The Use of Collected Information

3.1. Any and all personal information collected is solely for the purpose of identification of the user and only in the user’s interaction with THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) site.
3.2. The information collected in the “Notebook” section will not be disclosed externally, serving only the purpose of data storage and the monitoring of the users’ interaction with THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) .
3.3. Regarding the stories/reports that are favorited by users in the “Favorites” section, THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) declares that it may use the information to offer and suggest personalized content to the users based on their interests.
3.4. If the user is no longer interested in receiving informative emails and content, he/she must click on the link “I no longer wish to receive these emails” or similar, present in all messages sent, and follow the steps for the unregistration of his e-mail from the DATABASE OF THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF).

4. Information Sharing

4.1. Considering the most benefit of the services offered by THE THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF), it is essential that the information collected be shared with partner companies, and such sharing is inherent to the very purpose of the tools, software, applications and analysis services (such as managers of software, applications and database servers), responsible for the processing and analysis of the collected data.
4.2. The third parties referred to in Item 4.1 are not authorized to use or disclose information collected from users in any other way, always acting in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any other security and confidentiality measures adopted.
4.3. In case of legal reasons, THE THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) may share Personal Information or User Access and Interaction Information and are necessary to comply with any applicable laws, regulations, court order or governmental request.

5. On the Protection of Personal Information

5.1. Any and all information provided by the user to the THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF), including all possible forms of registration and interaction, will be treated confidentially and will be subject to a security and confidentiality measure, in order to prevent any unauthorized use and disclosure not provided for in this Privacy Policy and current data protection laws.
5.2. THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF), under no circumstances, will request via e-mail information relating to access data, so that it is not responsible for any fraudulent communication that may occur for these purposes.
5.3. THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) retains the right to store the Personal Information provided by users definitively and indefinitely in its database.

6. On the Rights and Duties of Users

6.1. At any time, the user may request a copy of any Personal Information that the THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) has about him or her, as well as request the correction or removal of such information from the database.

7. Third Party Applications and Websites

7.1. At various points of the website the user may be redirected to third-party websites and applications, where it may be necessary to provide, to these websites and/or applications, personal information. In such cases, the use, custody and protection of such personal information shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owners of these other websites and/or applications.
7.2. THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) has no connection with those responsible for and owners of these websites and applications, thus it cannot be responsible for the content s and privacy policies of third parties.

8. Other Provisions

8.1. The responsibility for the security and access environment of the computer, tablet, smartphone and others shall be entirely of the user.
8.2. THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) is committed to make every effort for the maintenance and optimal operational condition of the website. However, it is not possible to guarantee that the website will be available at all times, considering that there may be external issues that prevent its maintenance.
8.3. Any questions or requests related to this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use of the website should be sent to THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) through the e-mail channel: contato@lunetas.com.br.
8.4. THE HUMANITARIAN FRATENITY (FIHF) guarantees and respects the right of opinion and expression of all users who access its contents. However, comments and spam that have an offensive, commercial and discriminatory content will be prohibited, as well as disclosures of any nature that are not strictly related to the proposed topics. Such publications will be deleted without notice and their users banned in the event of recidivism in this practice.

9. Foro

9.1. To resolve any issues regarding this Privacy Policy as well as the use and content of this website, it is already established the application of the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of the country from which this website is accessed. Any legal dispute or controversies arising from any acts committed within this website by users, including with respect to non-compliance with the
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