In the bucolic country aura of the Sítio São José, which is in Nossa Senhora do Socorro, a Metropolitan Region of Aracaju, the Regional Meeting of the North-Northeastern Light-Network took place between the 24th and 26th of March, with representatives from the States of Roraima, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Bahia.

The opening of the Meeting began with the happy arrival and getting together of the collaborators of the two regions, received by the Aracaju Light-Network group on Friday the 24th. In all, there were 33 participants in the Regional Meeting.

At 7 pm there was a retransmission of the Prayer Vigil and Ecumenical Communion led by Friar Faustino, monk of the Grace Mercy Order. “For all of us, that is a time of joy, and at the same time, of impetus, of the recharging our energy. That moment is one of union and a celebration of the joy of the reunion, the joy of living, the joy of continuing in the purpose of the work, of radiating peace, that joy which comes from on high so we can be channels here on our Earth”, expressed Katiene, of the Aracaju Light-Network.

On Saturday, March 25, after breakfast, the group had a silent walk through the green areas of the place with the monastery. With the ancient Jack Tree of the place in the centre of the group, mantras of attunement with the indigenous consciousness were intoned, in harmony with the Kingdoms of Nature and for an inner opening and union with the Flor do Sagrado Tepuí de Roraima Light-Community, in alignment with the attribute of the meeting: “Courageously penetrate the mystery of the Journey.”

During the walk, Jeane, collaborator of the Aracaju Light-Network, shared: “For me, today was a time of renewal; before the pandemic, we used to do all our attunements there, and it was as if I were renewing all my vows and renewing all my strength, which I was no longer feeling, and saying ‘yes’ to the task.”

After the walk, the group went to the main room of the place, where there was an updating talk directed by Friar Thomas, monk of the Grace Mercy Order and administrator of the Flor do Sagrado Tepuí de Roraima Light-Community, and by the coordinator of the North-Northeastern Group, Celina.

Friar Thomas opened the gathering, emphasizing the importance of the meeting of the collaborators who managed to be present in Aracaju on that weekend, highlighting that an in person meeting is always “plan A”, and online meetings must always be considered as “plan B”. “The group took the step and made the meeting possible”, stressed the Friar.

He continued, saying that the internalized attribute of this meeting was part of the continuation of the work with attributes, which have been followed by the North-Northeaster group remotely on Thursdays, with the transmission from the Light-Community in Roraima: “The path is a state of consciousness”, he reflected.

Friar Thomas shared that the North-Northeastern group must organize the next meetings on a semiannual basis, the first semester being in the Northeast, and the second semester in the Roraima Light-Community. “The North-Northeastern Light-Network group must build a rhythm in the Flor do Sagrado Tepuí de Roraima Light-Community, taking advantage of inner update impulses to see what will be revealed in this gathering and to recognize the next steps, and bring assurance for what follows. The In person coming together builds something that cannot be achieved remotely”. “The agroforestry was the tip of the iceberg, the purpose of the meeting is something greater”, clarified the friar to the group.

“What I found most interesting in the meeting was the integration into the task with the Roraima Light-Community, which was anchored in the North-Northeastern group, which we have now as the main one”, expressed Tâmara, collaborator of the North-Northeaster Group in Recife.

Celina clarified that “previously, the meetings of the Light-Network occurred under the aegis of the general work meetings, which took place in the Figueira Light-Community. After the pandemic and after the establishment of the Flor do Sagrado Tepuí de Roraima Light-Community – in the new cycle with the task of supporting the Light-Community -, we’ll plan our meetings following that new format.”

Capitalizing on the meeting of the collaborators, who are coordinators of groups and have specific tasks, the assembly for the foundation of the North-Northeastern Fraternal Unity Service Association took place, it being another affiliate of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF). Concerning the formalizing of the association, Friar Thomas recalled that “the service association creates greater possibilities for taking action in various spheres”.

Vitória, of Bahia, shared: “It has become super important to be present at this meeting. Since the pandemic, this is the first effort I have made to be present at a broader meeting, and it’s been a resumption. Something that really focuses my attention is to be with the priests of our region; it has been a new moment, a new impulse”.

During the meeting, Friar Faustino spoke about the importance of becoming aware of caring for the planet Earth, in a world where food is becoming more and more contaminated by conventional systems of production. “We’re being called to develop a process for the preparation of sustainable systems of crops, and organic farming must be a goal so that we’re able to gain a quality of life in these times. Currently, the majority of humanity uses and digests toxic plant foods, which today is the cause for ill health and a low quality of life in the population”, emphasized Friar Faustino.

On Sunday was the training, area recognition, and agroforestry activities in the Sítio São José, under the direction of Friar Faustino. The group leaves not only the agroforestry work begun in Aracaju, but also all of the planning of crops, so the Aracaju group will be able to continue with the work and receive the impulses offered by the group energy. The next North-Northeastern Regional meeting has been scheduled for October, in the Flor do Sagrado Tepuí de Roraima Light-Community.