February 16 to 18, Friday to Sunday

Feb 16, Friday

Health care

Health action in which about 100 people were vaccinated against measles.

In the afternoon, assistance given to 15 people by the team of the Health Center: diarrhea, vomiting, headache, continuous fever, respiratory problems, etc. simultaneously, about 50 people took vermicide. In Pacaraima there is a great rate of intestinal parasites.

The missionaries received the visit of the Justice Prosecutor and of members of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Feb 17, Saturday

The flux of immigrants

The flux of immigrants in Pacaraima increases. The families arrive tired, hungry, and some of them need to be taken to hospital.

There was a change in the provision of bread. More units will be purchased for the same price previously paid.

Attempt at better organization of the donation of clothes. The amount, which is not sufficient for all, generates friction and problems.

In the health sector, there were 25 services: the majority of them with respiratory problems and fever.

Feb 18, Sunday

The Food Issue

Organization of the foods

Organization of the foods in the storage for distribution tomorrow. The food is not sufficient for the number of people present in the shelter. So, a detailed logistic operation is necessary to attend all those who need it.

Some incidents took place around the shelter. This time, some children broke tiles of the home of a neighbor, asked for alms and disrespected the owner of a shop.

There was a Mass in the Chapel of Saint Francis with father Jesus and the presence of a group of Warao Indigenous people.

Today, the missionaries counted 499 people in the House of Passing.