October 2 to 8, Monday to Sunday

During the week, at Caritas Hellas, the missionaries of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, helped the distribution of feminine and masculine clothes, the renewal and reorganization of the stock of winter clothes and in the organization of donations of food items.

In the storage of clothes of the Association of Lagonissi, the group helped the organization of the space and the reception of people, who began to arrive in greater numbers, after the bazaar of last week.

With the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the team gave support to the elaboration of food and in the organization of the space where the meals are served. The missionaries of the Fraternidade also helped the distribution of some items, such as razor blades and shampoo. On Friday, 6, the missionaries of the Fraternidade participated in the monthly Mass that is offered to the people who come to the institution.

“The Mass was conducted by an Argentinian priest, and in consonance with the second day of the Marathon of the Divine Mercy. The group felt a very deep union”, said Ricardo, a member of the Planetary Network-of-Light and currently the coordinator of the Greece Mission.

On the following day, October 7, the group participated in moments of prayer with the Sisters of Charity. On that day, the Congregation celebrates the moment when it was officially accepted as part of the Catholic Church.

“We could participate with them in such special event, when the Sisters remain in gratitude to the Most High God. It was a very beautiful moment of communion”, said Ricardo.