Tuesday, January 10

A new management logistics was begun in the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant, by the missionaries of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

“From now on each team will be taking care of a specific sector, so that we can deepen the assistance to the refugees and also keep order, cleanliness and a more organized flux in the place”, said Ricardo, the coordinator of the emergencies sector of the Fraternidade.

An organ of the government that delas with the bank of Jobs visited the CRI and offered Jobs that are available for those who already have documents in Brazil.

A doctor of the army did a shift in the truck of assistance and detected more urgent health situations that needed hospitalization and others of more intensive treatment.

Visit of the Civil Defense of Roraima, responsible for the organization of the CRI, and of the general commander of the Fire Brigade. They talked about the new providences that are being taken for the CRI to operate in a more efficient manner, such as the fumigation of the whole place to diminish the amount of mosquitoes, new medicines and improvement in the sewage system.

Visits of volunteers who are offering to help in the center, including a nurse and two members of the Fire Brigade.